• Automatic batch processes
  • Safety for exchanging information
  • Minimize mistakes due transcription of data between different systems, and facilitate correction process in case of mistakes
  • Full on-line processes (registering, modification, queries and registration)
  • Virtual custody granted by safety of a public entity (DGT)
  • Save time and cost to all actors involved
  • Safety against tampering (Electronic signature, electronic register)
  • Quality of information improved (traceability, intermediate steps reduced)


ANTit-eITV® solution:

  • System validated at MINETUR and DGT.
  • Global solution until registration for brands and financial houses.
  • Cloud solution: minimal impact in the systems of the client.
  • Fully suitable to the processes and bussiness of the client.
  • Complete access to the information managed for generation of reports logs.
  • Automatic managing of information for integrating with the client’s systems.

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Electronic registration represents a step forward in the process of vehicles licensing. Our TIC division has developed ANTit-eITV® platform, which enable to the brands adapt to the new registration processes in a simple and successful way, fully suitable to the current system and business process of our clients